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Published on: www.yedatech.co.il at April 3, 2013: (translated) yedatech

“Direct Finance (Mimun Yashir) upgrade their PeopleSoft CRM system to PeopleTools 8.52.

Direct Finance defines their CRM system as the core information system which is used for a variety of business processes, such as Sales, Back Office processes, collection center, etc.For the first time in Israel, Direct Finance the consumer credit provider (part of the Bituach Yashir group) and EVO IT have upgraded their Customer Relationship Management system from PeopleTools 8.48 to version 8.52. The project’s duration was 2 months and ended about 2 weeks ago.
The upgrade was part of a project which also included replacement of all the system’s servers, operating system upgrade, database upgrade and development of interfaces to 3rd party systems. The latter was done due to the fact that are several supporting information systems under the CRM’s core services. The system is used by approximately 150 employees.Direct Finance defines their CRM system as the core information system which is used for a variety of Sales processes, underwriting, collection, operations and After-Sale.
Among these are both Contact Center and Field Sales teams, Customer Service, central management of customer information and support of internal business processes.Additionally, as part of the project, a new smart-navigation menu and a completely new User Interface have been implemented.
According to Amir Oz, CIO of Direct Finance: “The upgraded system was custom-fit for our organization’s requirements and allows us to provide the highest level of service to our customers”.Elad Altstein, the senior technical consultant who led the project added that “Upgrading the CRM system allowed for more agility on both the infrastructure and functional sides. This directly translates to added functionality and a more stable, fault-tolerant system”.
Noemie Surowicz, Co-CEO at EVO IT noted that “In addition to the obvious advantages, upgrading the system also included an enhanced user experience which allows Direct Finance to achieve effective and modern sales processes. I have no doubt that all this will lead to a better customer experience as well”.

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