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Finance Direct upgrades their PeopleSoft system to PeopleTools 8.54

Published on: www.funder.co.il at June 9th, 2015: (translated) funder

The PeopleSoft CRM system as Finance Direct serves as the main core system for various processes throughout the organization such as Sales Processes, Back office process support, collection center management, website interfaces and more.

For the first time in Israel, Finance Direct the consumer credit company of the Insurance Direct group and EVO IT have upgraded their Customer Relationship Management system based on PeopleSoft from 8.52 to 8.54. The project took about 2 months and ended on April 2015.

The upgrade project took place as part of a project which also included a complete infrastructure upgrade, Operating System upgrade, database platform upgrade and development of additional interfaces to third-party systems.

Finance Direct defines their CRM system as a central core application and it is used for a variety of Sales Processes, Underwriting, Collection and After-Sale. Amongst these processes are the Sales call center and field operations, Customer Service, Internet activities, managing a holistic view of the customer and support other business processes.

Additionally, as part of the upgrade project a new intelligent search engine was implemented and a complete redesign if the application’s User Experience and Interface.

According to Amir Oz, CIO of Finance Direct: “The upgraded system was adapted according to our current needs and it provides us with the ability to provide the highest lever of service to our customers and business partners and support our continuing effort for innovation within the organization.

Elad Altstein, CTO of EVO IT which led the project added that “using the new user experience provided by Fluid allows to build solutions and application components based on cutting-edge web technologies while leveraging all the available modern innovation to provide an enhanced User Experience”

Noemie Surowicz co-CEO at EVO IT remarked that “Using the new Fluid user interface it is now possible to build solutions which are based on the trusted PeopleSoft infrastructure and development toolset on one hand, and significantly improves the system’s flexibility and shortens time to value on the other.”

EVO has leveraged amongst other things advanced technologies in the new Dashboards component in order to provide Finance Direct and its many business partners a complete 360-degree view of Sales performance across the organization.


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  • What was the application version? Was it only peopletools upgrade or application upgrade?, do you use mobile application for Sales?

    • It was a tools-only upgrade, the underlying application was on 9.0.
      We are developing a Fluid-based mobile sales application for the customer, but it’s not fully deployed yet.

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