PeopleSoft Progressive Rollout

PeopleSoft Progressive Rollout


Imagine implementing change as soon as you finish developing it

Imagine trying to test drive new business processes in real-time before rolling them out to the entire organization.

Imagine significantly reducing your company’s total cost of ownership, business downtime and change management risk.

With the innovative new technology provided by PeopleSoft Progressive Rollout this dream is now a reality.

We try to provide our business with the greatest value from our business applications within constraints like budget, resources and time. But this is never enough. In the new internet-speed of doing business reality and the “do more with less” mentality which modern organizations expect we need to reduce our time-to-value significantly just in order to stay relevant.

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What happens when you need to implement a change, enhancement or fix in an IT business application:

  • You analyze user needs and requirements and make best-effort assumptions as to how this should be implemented in the business application.
  • Go through a complete development process to provide a completed solution.
  • Thoroughly test and go through a comprehensive Quality Assurance process to ensure it works properly.
  • Rollout the solution to your end-users while trying to keep minimal downtime and more importantly business disruption

With PeopleSoft Progressive Rollout (or PPR for short), this process looks completely different:

  • Create a quick, streamlined and agile business process design (even a wireframe design) and quickly move to develop an incremental change.
  • Develop small changes more efficiently without worrying about third-party integrations and change impact analysis.
  • Go through a simplified QA process while eliminating the need for regression/sanity type testing.
  • Rollout the solution to a pre-determined, dynamic and business-aware group of users who can provide feedback on both the technical and functional validity of the solution.
  • Go through this modernized change-management iterative process again and again all the while keeping business disruption to a minimum.

With Oracle’s new Continuous Improvement delivery model we as PeopleSoft application owners have the opportunity to leverage more innovation in a more frequent timeframe. However, we are usually tied down by our own internal processes and therefore find it challenging to embrace the full value derived from the new

PeopleSoft Update Manager and accompanying PeopleSoft Update Images. PeopleSoft Progressive Rollout (PPR) compliments this new delivery model perfectly as it provides the missing piece of the puzzle required to adopt new enhancements quickly and efficiently.

PPR does all this and much more while maintaining an extremely easy-to-use (and familiar) user interface for configuration and operation. It works straight out-of-the-box no matter when PeopleSoft application you are running, which version or even which underlying technology platform you have it running on.

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