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PeopleSoft Progressive Rollout Version 2.0 Released!

It seems like only yesterday I was teaching it to walk…

Less than a year after version 1.1 reached GA, we are extremely pleased to announce the General Availability (and Upgrade Availability) of PPR 2.0!

This release was brought out in order to build on the great capabilities available as part of the PeopleSoft Progressive Rollout solution while further enhancing things like disruption minimization, ease of use and reduced maintenance. In addition to all that, we got around to adding some stuff that was originally planned but didn’t make the cut in the first version and implemented many new features based on a lot of great user feedback.

Here are some highlights of this new release:

  • New Features:
    • Fully automated and GUI-based database Build process.
    • Management, Configuration and monitoring of PPR Load Balancer from within the application.
    • Batch processing of user populations for Pilot rounds.
    • “Alter in place” setting now supported.
    • No admin. privileges required for running install/setup scripts.
    • Further refinements to out of the box Pilot Table list
    • Bug fixes and much more!

We’ll get more information on the product page and publish the official release notes within the next few weeks.

If you haven’t experienced PPR yet or don’t know what it’s all about, CONTACT US today.

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